Media plans cover story…

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What is it you ask?

Already the Media are preparing for a serious election issue…

They are preparing for being proven wrong…

They are preparing for being shown up by the truth…

They are preparing for the event that voters will come out and vote for America!

They are preparing for democrats that are voting red this year because as devoted as they are they know that this modern day democrat party is not the their fathers democrat party.

They know that the cost of food for their families has gone up so high that it is unreasonable!

They see the cost of everyday products have risen so dramatically that what used to be a simple everyday purchase has become a luxury purchase!

When you see the cost of coffee rise to more than a dollar a cup for K cups!

When you see paper towels rise to 24 dollars when it used to be $6.98

When they see prices go up not because they have gone up but because the sellers can go up in price!

WE know the TRUTH!

The Media do not know the truth!

They are preparing for the opposite of the truth!

They are preparing for insanity!

You see what they want to do…

When you see these stories show up in a google search then you have to think about the possibility of what the Media are actually doing right now…

What is it that they want to do here?


Could it be that they have been lying to you for so long that they want to destroy this nation before they admit the truth!

They have been lying

all this time!

Now they are getting ready to possibly create the drama they want to happen…

They seem to want this so that you will forget that they have been lying all this time about everything!

What will happen ?

Do they know something that you and I do not know?

Why are they planning in advance for this news story?

It is possible that they do know something that we do not know and that is something that should get you moving to vote for a change.

We need a change in how these media companies report lies!

They must be held accountable when they create the news instead of reporting the news!

As sad and as predictable as this is we could be looking at what the media plan to do to encourage issues and perhaps even violence.

I can assure you that if the media were held accountable for inciting the kind of problems we had just a few years ago they would not be planning this now!

IF the media were made to pay for the problems they have been causing by making up the news instead of reporting on the news…

Think about how different things might be now!

But they are powerful!

They are wealthy!

They for years have been untouchable!

Sometimes I wonder how long we the people will allow this incompetent fly by the seat of your pants journalism that we have seen where anything goes including yelling smoke in a crowded theatre.

They have done it!

And for the most part they have paid no price for what they have done!

Don’t let the media continue to make up the news before there is a story!

The real next question now should be will they get away with predicting violence ahead of the election?

Will they get away with it this time?

Or Will someone actually stand up for the millions of Americans who know that what they are planning is wrong and it is time to put an end to reckless use of the mass media to change and to oppress and to suppress Americans!

Will they make up this next fiery late night where Millions of dollars of damage is done all while the press appear to be gleeful about the story they predicted and perhaps even incited to happen?

They will get away with it yet again if you don’t go and vote to end the lies!