media lies

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Do you ever wonder, why the media seem to be unable to focus on reliable reporting, it just seems strange, that from what started out as a noble profession has become twisted and perverted in ways that defy the imagination.

Do you believe all the stuff you see on Tv?

Because you really should have a brain in your head even Fox news often and allegedly distorts the news, depending on which head puppet is spewing off at the moment.

Believe it or not but many people think that because they have seen something on TV that it must be true, the fact is that this is just not true.

The problem is that now millions more have no insurance at all, so what is the answer?

So what to do, when they try to force themselves on you and they line you up against a wall, what will you do, say wow I sure should have voted against that liberal in congress.

Vote them out, because tomorrow they may decide to invite you to attend an internment camp.