Media lies

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There are so many things that seem to hold the truth and far more that tend to present lies as truth.

Take for example this Facebook post on the subject of a very biased media.

source. Facebook comment section, (you might have to look for this)

Truth is easy to recognize yet still we allow the corrupted media to participate in elections by using biased methods of political manipulation, Why?  More so is the fact that companies that you choose to do business with support these corrupted and biased media outlets by advertising products and services that many people decide to purchase from the aforesaid biased media outlets.

Just stop supporting the advertisers by refusing to purchase products and the media will dry up and blow away like the inconsequential dust they really are.

The media do not care that they do not support the constitution, they regularly undermine the will of the people, instead supporting communist and socialist agendas even though they have been proven to be a failure in every civilization it has ever been tried.  That is fact, just look at history and you can see the truth and you can see the lies of the left.

Words have meaning …

You may attempt to split hairs and focus on grammar or spelling but that is a false and a lie that is far more damaging than any perceived language issue.

The truth is language has changed, for every one Grammar and spelling natzi there are millions that read and understand what was meant to be communicated that is communication the other instance is censorship pure and simple, just spend a few hours in any barrio and you will find that the language they use to communicate does not even resemble english at all.

So to the one or two people offended by poor spelling or grammar, (what ever) to the thousands that read and understood what was intended, bravo to you, don’t fall for foolish spelling natzis they are fools and are just clinging to the past, the future is already hear and 70 percent of the population do not use english in the way that it was once taught, its simple really the past is all about what some wish it still was but that does not in any way equate to what the truth is now, spend your time in better ways, 20 years from now when language will have changed so much that even the natzis of grammar find it hard to speak and be understood, those that move forward will be at a great advantage over these small minded and shall we dare to say it these english teachers with shallow mentation.

I can remember teachers that would interrupt you and distract the class from interacting and remind everyone that the use of an incorrect verb or tense of the verb is more important than a message of thought.

It never was important, for so many years we have sought at the expense of our society to enforce perfection when reality was quite different, I would remind these english natzis that should you remember long enough to read the actual writing in the words of the fathers of this nation, it would not even seem like english as you seem to believe it should be written or spoken, notice that in this treatise we have not made any effort to sterilize the words at the expense of the format, no not at all, but those that choose may readily see the truth of the words regardless of the intent of those that have small minds and even smaller brain pans.

To seek destruction all you have to do is bury your mind in the sand, pretend that you are better than any one else but when you finally realize what really happens when you do this is that you become convinced of your own superiority, when the truth is obvious to everyone else, what is that truth, if you don’t know it by now you never will why bother?

I am willing to bet that this breaks more rules of an outdated system of written communication than any previous effort, but what I find really interesting is the actual literation of the words now that is something that some will see and others will never see…  Art thou blind?  Are you deaf?