Media lie and deny

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It is truly an amazing thing when you witness the Media deny that they have lied.

They Lie and Deny…

They make fun of the person that accuses them of being dishonest.

They say things like “You must not be Ok because we think your crazy”

Is it possible that the Media have become so dishonest that they cannot be trusted to tell any story at all?

Is that freedom of the press?

This is a valid question and it is becoming something that we all need to examine both in our hears as well as in our minds.

Does Freedom of the press include lying to the people who depend on that every freedom?

Is it truly constitutional for a large corporate entity to collectively  decide to propagate false news as if it were real news?

The Reality is that without freedom of the press we have no freedom.

how can we continue to allow the media to lie and deny the truth.