Media ignore Hurricane Matthew

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Have you noticed something very odd?

The Media are ignoring the people who are suffering from the challenges of Hurricane Matthew.

Why are they doing that?

Remember how the Media covered Hurricane Katrina and how they showed all the people who were suffering and how the story was all about bashing then President Bush…

See what the Media are ignoring…

Now the story is different right?

It is not as bad as they thought it might be so they have started doing something different…

But is that the truth are people not suffering are people not hungry are people not thirsty with nothing to drink or to eat or shelter from the cold…

Are the people not suffering?

The Media seem to be ignoring what is happening and guess what they are doing…

Trying to cover up a huge scandal but its just one more scandal right?

One more Clinton Scandal…

Who cares right, well the American People do care about how the Media are trying to distort the truth in order to support a lie.

People are suffering and they are hurting and Fox News is ignoring this story so that they can Bash Trump.

That is amazing for a media company that “Claims” to be Fair and Balanced, it seems like Fox News has become another NBC, loosing Viewers, loosing Advertisers, but still they seem to be set on a course of destruction and ignorance.

Even Watching the “Vaunted” Bill O’reilly you can tell that either he is developing Alzheimer’s or he is unable to run his own news show any longer.

Even Dana Perino who was once a logical political pundit seems to have jumped ship to bash on Trump.

What is really interesting here is that what ever the liberal news media try to convince the public about trump this and trump that its a drop in the bucket.

When comparing these two candidates its nothing.

Its a flea on the carcass of a whale compared to what the other candidate has done in one year in political office not to mention 30 years of such fleas and such carcasses.

Want to see the news that your not going to see on the National News Media because they cannot blame it on Trump…