media double standard blitz

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In the past the media tended to cover both sides of a political race.

That is not the case any longer and in fact not only has the media chosen a side but they are actively seeking the destruction of the other side of the political election cycle.

You could say that the media are now not really reporting the news any longer.

If that is the case then we simply must take action to change the way that these rogue media elements have access to freedom to actively participate in elections as more than a bystander.

If the media will not do the right thing then its time that they stopped playing God with the lives of Americans.

The constitution protects the media however not in the way that the media have chosen to conduct business.

They seem to be unaware of how ignorant they are behaving or are they?

Another thought is that advertisers who support these media vultures, appear to be unaware of how much damage is being done with regard to the lack of competent reporting.