Media bias and Rick Perry

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Why do you suppose that the media does not like Rick Perry?

Could it be that they are mostly liberal, and they not so secretly may not
be at all interested in the common interests of the people.

Could it be that they may secretly be Anti American and hate everything
that America stands for, could it be that some of the biased media hate
Rick Perry because they see that he might actually have a good chance to
beat Barack Hussein Obama?

Why is it that the media keeps trying to put Mitt Romney in front of the
Race by using polls that might well be both biased and scientifically flawed?

You really do have to wonder what they are thinking because they appear
to be in the process of trying to alter the electoral process by pushing a
two time looser candidate so that they can later turn on him and cause
the GOP to loose yet another election.

When you think of it it is really an interesting method of over turning an election.

But is it American?

Is it Evil?

Is it legal?

The truth is that what is happening in the media could very well be illegal and criminal.

One thing for sure it is not the American way and it is not right.