Media Attack on Tea Party

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Just about every day or so you see someone on the media attacking the Tea Party and the Tea Party Candidates. 

Including Fox News, (who “claim” to be fair and balanced)

The GOP Rank and File attack Tea Party Candidates. 

 Yesterday during an interview segment about political races for control of the Senate the topic of discussion was about how the Tea Party Candidates were performing well in the p0lls. 

Then the Spin began in earnest, they began to discuss how it “looked like” tea party candidates might be able to knock out some of the older Moss Back entrenched Republicans in the primaries. 

That much is true but what they did next was a lie and an insult to the intelligence of all Voting Americans. 

   They attempted to present an unfair and unbalanced question. 

They brought up the question of IF a Tea Party Candidate could win?

(As if this is not a contest?)  
IF we are to say that a contest is a contest then either person “MIGHT” win. 

Otherwise there is no contest at all. 

What these men suggested was that only one party had a chance to win the election. 

Why is that and why do those talking heads think that were not “Smart” enough to figure out what they tried to do. 

Deception by omission is what this is and were not having it. 

 It is time to take back the Senate and all of these Karl Rovers, need to get a life, were not as dumb as you think we are and your no where near as smart as you think you are.