Media as the enemy?

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If as recently we have seen the media are going to continue to undermine the constitution and the people for which it stands, then does that not make the media the enemy?

It certainly could be that way…

If the media continue to ride this road of ruin they appear to be set on running then it is possible that the media might be the very thing that destroys America.

King of makes you wonder about what the Media are really all about…

So, if you think the media are not going to stop distorting the news and twisting the truth into lies then what happens next should be of some concern to you or those you love.


Well, that image is sort of odd right?

The truth is of interest here and IF the media do not begin to do their jobs instead of inciting riots by reporting false news stories or reporting the narrative that change is going to cause mass protests then its likely that having emergency food supplies might be a good idea.

Call it prepping or just making sure that you have something to keep you going when things get crazy as it most likely will get the more the media continue to report lies instead of the truth.

Do you remember the Matrix…

The movie…

Oh come on, everyone has have to have seen the matrix.

Anyway they serve up this concoction of what appears to be some kind of protein mixture with corn flakes in it.

That could be the future if the Media have their way…

I know sounds crazy and paranoid right. . .

But what if it were true…

The truth here is clear and it is simple and easy to understand.

Without communication free of propaganda free of lies and bias we cannot be free.

We cannot have a nation.

Without Freedom there is no America.

So, enjoy your breakfast, it might be time that the democrats stop what they are doing and begin to think about America.