Massive Voter Turn Out

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Record Breaking Voter Turn out prompt’s many to question what will happen next?

As we watch the Media Circus of INFO-Tainment Prognostication Galore, We question just how much our nation depends on the People for what we really are and that is a republic.

We are a republic and that is the real truth.

Of the people and by the people and for the people that is what we are all about.

When you think about what is happening here we are watching a battle for the very soul of our nation.

If you believe that the America that we have become now is less of a nation than we were in the past then you know just what this battle is all about it is a battle for what we are going to become in the future.

Is it possible that Trump will not win?

Many people believe that there is no possible way that Clinton can win at all.

If you apply the same logic that the media are applying to this election situation then you must concede that Clinton may not win any of the states.

Wow, is that possible?

Yes, people think about it, the media are applying a logic that makes no sense.

To listen to the Media if you are smart then your not voting for a certain candidate.

Excuse me but that is just insanity.

If you are that nuts then you need to have your head examined.

Just a moment ago Chris Wallace suggested that college educated people will not vote for Trump?

@chriswallace are you kidding me?

By what trick of your mind do you proclaim that little piece of information?

Do you really believe that a college educated person can only vote for a democrat?

That my friend is why you should begin to apologize to this nation because that is wrong and we need to fix what is wrong with this nation.

We are the people and we are voting this election day and you know what else the media do not know who were voting for and that is the truth.

Another thing here is something that you should consider just because democrats are voting does not mean that they are voting for trump.

Cubans for Trump?

You better believe it people, Cubans are definitely voting for Trump.