MailChimp conflict of interest?

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Mail Chimp for those that might not know who or what this small company actually is all about is a company sort of like constant contact only a lot smaller with less consumer functional features. Basically they are an email communication and or marketing company that sells access to difficult to use software access to end users who want to market emails to consumers.

So, that is likely why you may never have heard of this company before for those that do know what mailchimp is and what they are all about, congrats you’re officially a nerd.

On to the news story apparently there is a third party connection between the CDC and Mail Chimp the company and mailchimp decided to ban any reference to information that perhaps the CDC did not like. Now this may not be the case but usually where there’s smoke there is fire folks and as a caveat and or disclaimer Blago planet does not share the opinions that ALL vaccinations are harmful and or dangerous.

However, it should be noted that in the past, vaccinations were not given out in the way that they are now with several contained in one dosage. Most of the baby boomer generation the vaccinations were staged, given at timed intervals, now they tend to put up to three at the same time or even more.

Ever feel like your being experimented on?

The CDC recently has given many pause in the way that they have chosen to promulgate, data and information in a way that suggests that perhaps this is not scientific but more dogmatic. For example the CDC failed to publish that with Vaping the injuries were strictly related to contaminated illegal vaping products and did not publish that information even though they knew it. This is a clear violation of the trust that the public sustains and expects from the CDC.

Additionally the fake news story that there was an Opioid epidemic turned out to be another point of contention where the CDC failed to publish and or ascertain the truth before blowing the whistle on a fake campaign that has created billions of dollars of damage. The CDC included prescription medications along with illegal drugs used by injection that killed thousands and thousands of people. The CDC did not separate out prescription use that was legal from that which was illegal. This left the impression that prescription medications were causing “Thousands” to die every second, (sarcasm) the problem was and still is that many in the media began to show images of prescription bottles along with the label Opioid crisis.

I think we have to ask is the CDC still trustworthy?

The answer has to be NO they are no longer trustworthy and the main reason for this is that the CDC has not and does not publish information about when they are and were wrong about assumptions that they made and never admitted to.

This is just not scientific and it is dangerous to begin to publish data in a political manner. Now it appears that perhaps the CDC is actively engaged in shutting down political views that they disagree with. If this is true then the CDC is becoming a threat to liberty and the freedom of speech. disclaimer, we do not agree with statements that all vaccines are bad. We do believe that people have a right to freedom of speech. Read more here.

Want to see more about the CDC and its questionable methods of data assimilation?

Good, because there is plenty of information that calls into question the ability of the CDC to do the right thing when it comes to assumptions they make that turn out to be wrong and perhaps even causes great harm to patients.

How the CDC assumes then never fixes the problem they create.

read more here.