loop holes

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When you read about loop hooes it usually is all about someone taking advantage of the gaping massive holes that congress seems incapable of fixing and or preventing in the first place.

When the average person looks at some of these (frankly) ignorant bills that congress creates, you almost have to wonder are these people ok?

The real question here is not that there are loop holes in these bills but that congress is so inept that it cannot seem to write a bill that actualy functions correctly.

One Big Problem.

The big problem that we face is the fact that these bills are not creating a solution.

They design these bills without the correct language that would force contractors to perform what they promise to do when they take money.

The glaring issue for Broadband Technology is that these telecom bills fail to mandate that a conractor will actually provide the services for which they are being paid for.

One large “Broadband” contractor took over 80 Million dollars then failed to provide the services which was broadband to rural consumers.

They actually took that money then sold off much of the rural assets and then allegedly took off with the money.

Why does that happen and how could it happen because you look at an average retail construction contract and you will not find a lack of accounability in that well written contract!

Yet, millions of americans are still waiting for broadband internet services and this after multiple millions of dollars have been paid out and accepted by contractors yet they only provided services to a small amount of subscribers.

Some in rural counties actually have fiber in their front yards but are told that they cannot get fiber.

Why? How?

This seems foolish and ignorant but we are seeing this and more issues every year and they seem to want to spend more money on this but they apparently are incapable of tendering a bill that would force a contractor to finish the job for which they are being paid to do.

I know this is crazy but is there anyone in congress that has half a brain?

No need to answer that because most of the time that is self evident.

So here we are again in an election year and they are yet again talking about broadband internet but most people have lost so much faith with congress that they really are no longer believing that congress will do anything with its current leadership and sadly they are not wrong!