Liberal Thinking?

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This is how a liberal thinks.

Since Most White People Own Guns, If we take away Guns from All White People then crimes by guns will go down.

We know this is not only stupid but insane as crimes that are committed by people with a gun are usually not done by a person that is of any color but by all kinds of different races.

There is nothing that indicates that a certain race of people are more inclined to use legal guns to commit crimes.

What we have seen is that most crimes involve guns are committed by people who have long criminal past association with violence and prison.

Gangs, Criminal enterprises, Drug Use, all these people use guns that are illegal and or stolen or the serial numbers have been removed.

But you know what is really interesting this does not matter to the liberal.

The liberal will still attempt to associate a crime in high profile cases with a white person, Ask yourself this Why?

Why has the media tried to portray the race of a criminal who uses a gun that is illegal as a white person?

Simple, because they know that there is little chance of getting guns out of the hands of legal citizens who legally own guns.

They have come to the understanding that they must try to influence public opinion in such a way as to try to convince everyone must give up the ability to protect themselves so that liberals can be the only ones to own guns.

Yes, that is the truth, liberals, do not consider themselves as someone that their own laws apply to.

They have guns and they have body guards but you cannot be trusted to own a legal gun to protect yourself and the lives of your family.

Liberals seek to control your life in every aspect that you can think about there is a liberal somewhere that would like to monitor and control everything.

From what you can eat, to what weight you should be to what you can do in your bedroom.

Somewhere probably closer than you think there is someone that would gladly punish you if you turn out to gain 4 pounds in a month.

This year we have the opportunity to change the direction that this nation is headed into.

We can change the way that things have been happening and how this nation has been pushed into a corner by a handful of idiots in congress.

We can vote and we can help our friends vote, we can do so much to reverse the damage that has been done to this nation by fools and by idiots in congress.


The real question here is do we have the guts to take back our nation from those that would enslave us?