leadership requires truth…

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The act of leading is more than just a position that is available to someone.

It is a thing that requires something of the man or woman who is challenged with leading, sometimes it is a difficult thing to do and it should be difficult.

When this nation was founded, it was not with a wave of the hand nor was it decided over night. 

The very act of being a leader is something that few people can do well, the first thing that leadership requires is truth.

This is something that is perhaps one of the most difficult things to deal with because the truth is something that some people do not want to know and indeed have no acquaintance  with in any meaningful way.

Some wish to be in a position of leadership and they want to be leaders because they believe that it grants them power, this is not true, as well others do not lead correctly because of these issues with the mind.

A true leader must understand the nature of the human condition and be abel to make decisions that create understanding when possible but make no bounty for those that refuse to understand when given the opportunity.

Not everyone is fit to lead, some wish to lead because they believe that what they see and think of the world is the better way of the world, they wish to mold the world into their vision of the world, this is incorrect and it is evil.

No one man or woman may force their vision of how “they” believe the world should be.

A true leader views the “World” in a way that brings to the front the best of all of our views, The true leader does not dissemble or defends the mistakes they may make, because we are not a perfect people we will make mistakes but the true leader is truthful and honest.

A leader will not blame a mistake on someone other than his or her self.

Any other action is not the action of an honest and good leader is it the actions of the evil person who only seeks to enslave and destroy.

This is a picture of what constitutes evil leadership and we must not allow its ignorant way to disrupt the truth of what real leadership is and must be both now and in the future.

This is not about any one person or one view of the world indeed it cannot be a dictatorship for those have always been defeated and shall in the future also be defeated.

We are of the people and we are by the people and we are for the people.

It can be no other way…