Judge Roy Moore

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Alabama is a great state to live in and to raise your children. 

The people of Alabama are still like they have always been, true southern hospitality and faith in God.

Recently we have been attacked by big Washington Politics seeking to change the minds of the people of the state of Alabama.

The truth here is something that outside Washington Political leaders just do not understand and there is only one reason why they can’t understand why the people of Alabama prefer Judge Roy Moore.

They Don’t Live Here. 

We have an opportunity to make a difference in Washington and we need to take that opportunity by sending the one man that we can all agree will make the best difference between the choices we have.

Judge Roy Moore is that man.

“We must return to the Constitution of the United States. If we don’t return to the Constitution, we will never be a great nation.”

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We know the tricks and the way that the progressives use smoke and mirrors to conceal the truth.

The GOP has failed the American People.

The Republican led congress cannot repeal a bill they voted to repeal more than 70 times the difference between now and then was that they knew that then president Obama, would not sign the bill so they voted to repeal.

Now they can’t get the votes to flush the toilet but they want to raise the debt ceiling again?

We simply must put an end to the corruption in Washington DC, many question if this is ever going to be possible because of how powerful these corrupted people are they literally flaunt their drunkenness on the power they have over the people.

The truth here is that unless this nation returns to God I fear for this nation.

If those in power refuse to do the right thing then it is time they are removed from office.

Vote them out.

Support anyone running against them.

Donate to the campaign to put Mitch McConnell out of office simply because when these politicians open their mouths lies come out.   They truly believe that they can tell us anything and when they are elected again they can do whatever they want to do because we will forget about the way they betrayed and lied to us, the people.

That is just not the case and the people intend to ensure that politicians are held accountable. 

That is what the people can do and that we can do.