Jeb Bush Breaks Campaign Promise

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Now after the race has been run we see the True Colors of some of the candidates.

One such person is Jeb Bush.

Why is that?

Well, Jeb was one of the men on the stage that promised to support the eventful nominee.

Now is that not interesting?

Way back in Sept, we all had doubts about one man on the stage breaking his promise to support the eventual nominee, now that the contest is over.

We see many that are just not keeping their word.

That is not only disturbing but a total disgrace upon the family honor of these men.


Back in September, Jeb Bush signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee whoever it was.  That was before he blew $165 million of donor money on a losing campaign.  In September, most of the GOP smart set still believed Bush was the likely nominee and that Donald Trump was a passing fad – just a speed bump on the way to another Bush coronation.

Everyone thought that Trump would be the one to break his word but that has not been what has happened.

I think it is really revealing, that the Speaker of the House which was not elected by a vote of the people, appears to be creating division in the GOP, so who is he really?

The Speaker of the house was voted out of office because he made too many deals with the devil, (allegedly,) we have no proof that he met with the devil, but its possible right?

The one that that seems to me to be creating the greatest problem is those old old white haired men that do not want to give up the power they have quietly amassed over many years.

They see in Trump a man they cannot control, which tends to make you wonder who is really in charge, the President or the GOP.