Is the Obama Administration doing ok?

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 Can America Recover from being
Made over and transformed.

 We might consider a few things, about any administration some are better than others, depending on how well the media covers them.

This presidential administration seems to be running out of good will from the media something that a fair few would appear to be supportive about.

There are a lot of people that are also talking about how Richard Nixon was impeached rightfully so for something dishonest, (but where no one died) is it accurate to say that in this most recent scandal that if Obama is not impeached, then Nixon is owned an apology.

Now it is said, that reducing the amount the rich can deduct for charitable contributions, is something that is being considered, but what will the result.

More hungry poor people?

More people who end up homeless?

Is that really what this administration want to do?

How can we become the nation we have always been if we do not find a way to get back to what we have always been in the past?

How is it possible that a few people can decide that somehow suddenly America needs to change into the image they think is the right image…

How can that be?

When you think about it long enough the truth becomes obvious when your wrong you admit it, when your right you take a bow but it appears that in this administration they have it all wrong.

Will the media wake up in time to save America or will they sleep on until it is just too late…

What will they tell themselves when they look at the mess they have created?

Will they say, I thought I was doing the right thing?

Will they be sad that they helped destroy something that was great because they were too proud to admit that they were wrong?

The truth can at times blind those too ignorant to see it at work.