Is rockefeller right?

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Should we all just shut up, show we all just go away if someone decides that we dont matter anymore.

Is Rockie right, should the people be silenced if rich and powerful people do not like them?

Should they eat cake?

Should we censor everything and just remove the things that we do not like to hear about.

Would that make it better?

Should we silence anyone who we do not agree with?

Is that what they do up there, in the moss covered seats, from years of being up in Washington?

Say it is it not so, that a sitting United States Senator, came out and abdicated for silencing a constitutional right of freedom of speech?

I could not be possible could it, I mean, so in this mans world only the rich and powerful have the right to speak an opinion?

Is that the way of it sir?

We are curious where he learned in the constitution that it would be ok to do this?

“I’m tired of the right and the left,” West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller said Wednesday during a Senate
hearing on retransmission consent. “There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.’ ”

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I just find it amazing, that in this modern and “civilized” age in which we live we have a man who would wish to tell everyone he does not agree with to just allegedly “shut-up” Go away, get out of here, censorship is that not what this is.

It is a sad thing when one man would wish to eliminate the constitution because he was “tired” it seems like a sad thing when tired old people are still in office, why not just retire, pack their bags, have they not done enough in the time they have been up there?

We have to wonder about a great many things.

But one thing is clear, the freedom of speech is not one of those things.