IRS scandals

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The IRS has never been particularly liked by anyone, but in this case it is a serious problem when people are afraid of a government agency that has become too powerful to continue to exist.  Find out More…

What if they just electronically debited everyone’s paycheck for 10 percent, shut down all the offices, (because they would no longer need agents, there would be no need to send people to jail)

The tax payor would save Billions of dollars in unnecessary employee costs, bonuses, the overhead of heating or cooling a government building.

Think of the huge amount of carbon emissions that would never be needed?

Its a win win folks, in the first year alone you could save enough money to feed half the people that are currently on food stamps.

You could cure diseases…

You could jump over a tall building, if not for just this one little thing.

This entity exists to feed itself, it generates more waste than most modern cities.

They spend more money on healthcare than any other outlet in the entire world.

Why are they even needed at all?

They you have to ask the question that some people would ask.

What about all those poor people who would lose their jobs.
Well yes there is that but I can assure you they would find work somewhere and if not they can go on food stamps just like everyone else and the biggest benefit is that their former salaries savings would pay for the food stamps.



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