Insurance that does nothing

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If you have been looking at buying or purchasing insurance recently you may have realized that there are some serious problems, costs have gone up not down as was promised as well doctors have to be a member, pharmacies also have to be in the “network”

When you begin to add all this up it means that you will pay more and receive less or nothing in return for your money.

The truth about insurance is that they love to accept your money but when it comes time to pay out, you better look out.

The cost has now changed into something that no longer resembles insurance as you once believed it could become.

Hospitals have created a massive inflation system where by they attempt to recover costs that never existed.

Here is a real world example, surgical services for a 45 min procedure, with an anesthetist a doctor nurse team and the equipment in a private setting runs around $1650.00 and the same services in a hospital can run about $22,000.00.

Now considering that the base Affordable Care policy has massively large deductibles, you could end up paying $700.00 per month for single coverage, with a $1000.00 deductible but guess what they have waiting periods for different procedures.

You could end up having to wait for one entire year to have something like a tumor removed.

This all adds up to something that will cost you more and in the end you might not survive long enough to actually get to use that insurance that you paid for.

If you are wondering what the big deal is in congress right now this is why.

Insurance companies have done something very evil and most people are not aware of what awaits them when they discover the truth.

If you are not aware of what is going on you should look beyond all the media hype and focus on the facts.

The truth his in 2014 you will have an opportunity to speak out and the Media Liars that create special polls to support what they want you to believe will finally be shown as the liars that they are.

Vote in 2014 and make sure that your voice is heard.

Because if you stay home, thinking that someone else will vote in your place do not expect that vote to go the way you think it will.

The truth is that until we vote these corrupt people out of Washington nothing will change.






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