Injustice of the Powerful

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In Life seldom have we seen fairness defined and delivered to those that often become the victims of the rich and powerful.

It has been said that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

Some would say that the poor can never rise above their station in life.

However we have many that have proved that this is not true at least it is not the truth that some would have you believe.

There is a truth that does define many who have hopes and dreams in this nation and sadly that truth is often that “they” will never be able to move into a new home.

Sometimes they will never experience the smell of new carpet.

They often will be subject to higher payments for the same services that the average working American obtains at often half the cost paid by those persons affected by poverty.

The single largest issue that we face as human kind and as Americans is understanding what poverty actually is.

In many places in the United States the define the level of poverty based on faulty data.

Inflation is never adjusted into the definition of what poverty is and what amount of money you can earn.   The cost of inflation is not figured into what poverty has become and that is a number.

If poverty can be defined as a number meaning anything below that number and many of those stricken by poverty can obtain help.

When we were growing up we did not have any fear that someone might steal your gas in the parking lot while you sleep after having worked all day to earn what small amount of money that is derived from a minimum wage job or occupation.

So if we were to be honest with our wallets, we would realize that by not playing fair when defining the numbers of what constitutes poverty, we ourselves are guilty of not ensuring that our neighbor does not sit in his or her home and have nothing to eat.

The problem is except for some exceptional small towns that do still exist in America.

The basis of the American Dream is all but dead for many Americans.

One can dream but sadly that is as far as many will ever get.

The problem for many in America is that the system that allows for those who do not need credit or money to obtain credit or loans is a broken process.

It is based on a broken system that was born of a broken and evil past that extends all the way into the middle ages, when history tells us that only those of privilege could even read or were allowed to learn to read.   As “Too much learning doth make thee mad” it was considered a danger to educate the poor.

History demonstrates that the poor were used and abused at will by the wealthy, this is history and we see it even now where most citizens cannot obtain credit without paying a price that in most cases is beyond the ability of the borrower to pay back.

The cost of Credit is so high for those that make little and drive junk cars when once they drove new cars.

Call it greed of the wealthy or perhaps its something different but either way it results in the same thing, those of a certain class with little savings often living hand to mouth will never experience the benefits of home ownership.

If you doubt this in any way just have a look at what the going rates are for rentals, the fees involved in obtaining utilities, the costs for managing transportation and all the myriad things that one needs just to exist in our society.

It never allows those who are trapped by low paying jobs to escape or to climb beyond their meager existence.

The same can be said of those disabled by accident and by injury.

This is the truth the deck is stacked against most people and there is little that they can do about it.

Consider the war on poverty and how it has progressed over the last 50 years and how little it has actually accomplished.

Progressive politics has been a dismal failure and there is nothing in the ideology of progressivism that would suggest that those who engage in this policy actually care for those effected by this broken system of class.

It is true that there are some who have broken out of this trap of poverty and hopelessness into the sunshine above the dark clouds of  a system that deprives many of any opportunity to obtain a better life.

The sad part is that those are the exception to the rule and there are many that do not help themselves as they should, however not all may be helped and so the truth is even more complex.

There are those that struggle with mental diseases, addiction issues, poor decisions and poor health, it is sad but true that most of those individuals will never have the opportunity to own a home.

The deck is stacked against them and in many cases without proper supervision even those that are more accomplished at managing their resources have failed to maintain home ownership.

Most loan institutions require superior credit scores, down payments of 20 to 30 percent, (which makes it impossible for anyone on a fixed income to become a home owner)  yes we have some programs that will help those that can help themselves but over all the big picture suggest that these programs are seldom used to their best potential.

In short not much has changed over the years, the poor really are poorer and the rich are richer and even those programs that were originally designed to create home ownership have failed those that were to be helped.

Banks will not lend money to those who are struggling and you might saw rightly so and be justified.

Credit cards are not for those who make minimum wage. 

Credit cards are mostly for those who do not need credit. 

While some may blame the system there are some basic laws that because of the way our system was created may never allow the large majority of citizens to obtain anything beyond a car and a job.

It is also true that many of these individuals do not help themselves either.

Education and planning would help but as we have seen over the years the war on poverty has been lost.

Some day perhaps we may see some light for the poor and the downtrodden, however that may not be anytime in this future.

There is hope and that is the one thing that this broken system we have cannot take away from those who struggle to survive.

They cannot take away your hope and dreams. 

That is something to celebrate and perhaps at some point in our own evolution as a people and as a species we will find a way to overcome this broken thing that we use to govern opportunity in this nation and in this world.