Inflation…? or not!

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48 hours after the election and the media are lying to you again!

What you have to be kidding…

Well not really because that would be like watching a really bad movie on TV!

Just a few weeks ago the Media came out with a news story saying that due to high inflation Social Security would have the largest raise in COLA in recent history!

Just so you can fully visualise what has happened here in regards to the Consumer Price Index which is one method of indicating what is happening with regard to prices. 

Now make no mistake this has nothing to do with Reality!

This number can be manipulated bended folded mutilated in any way shape or form that the media and or whom ever wants to twist up the truth and come out with a lie. 

In the same week as the Mid Term Election we have a media based announcement which basically says that hey all that talk about inflation well its not as bad as we thought!


Perhaps this will certainly not impact the pay raise that Social Security recipients were or are to get?

They would not dare do that right?

The truth is until you see a COLA it may not really exist!

I know that you cannot trust the media and you cannot trust congress!

Because the Elderly have experienced a serious problem with getting food and also managing to pay all the other bills they have which have risen so dramatically that you can’t really believe that the prices on these items are as high as they have risen… 

Also the price of domestic wholesale items have not risen as dramatically as retail pricing seems to suggest. 

So, surely a manipulated CPI which tells one story while putting the lie to yet another story all in the name of what?  Decreasing potentially the COLA which was also touted by the news media as the highest COLA in recent history, (don’t forget that during the Obama years they claimed there was NO INFLATION….  Remember that….  

I am sure that the recent news story (well today LOL) that inflation is not as bad as you thought…

Will not deny the elderly the COLA that they truly need… 

But it does seem to be rather subjective that not even two days after the election we see a story that seems to suggest that were not actually paying as high a price for groceries as we thought… 

Just like the news story about how this election was not about what we thought it was but more about what the media say and less about what you say or think… 

No Red Wave, but is that really true or is it as true as saying that the price you pay for food is not really as high as you thought it was. . . 

The media started this NO Red Wave talking comment which is really a very flawed opinion and not the truth at all So No Red Wave but Sorry Im confused I thought the media were saying that the Democrats were so far ahead of all republicans that there was no reason to go out and vote… 

Remember all the polls that said democrats were ahead by 8 to 12 points… 

Well that turned out to be a lie …. 

So here is the big lie, No red wave after the media told you that the democrats were ahead!

So which is it because you can’t have it both ways either the GOP gained at the expense of Democrats or the democrats gained..

You can’t have your talking points and eat it too because that would mean that you think were too stupid to figure out that you were lying about the polls before the election and now after the election your lying about Republicans not having a successful election.   (NO Red Wave). But is that really true?

No its not true because if that were accurate then Nancy would not be crying about loosing the Gavel…

What this proves is that the media have been lying to you and are continuing to lie to you before the election and during the election and after the election and they do not intend to tell the truth about anything.   So when you see the Media start to say things like you didn’t see what you thought you saw or you didn’t see the republicans gain seats and take over congress.   

Just remember all of the media are liars until proven otherwise.