infamous Democrat Convicted…

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Now hear this …

Mostly because the big networks are ignoring this news story.

( The main Stream News Media )

Would like to keep on with this false flag narrative, that the Russians are coming…

[blaming the Russians for everything under the sun]

Which is really interesting because the last thing apparently that the media want to admit is true is that the American People rose up and put them down.

Yes, that is correct, the American People voted and the candidate that the media were sure would win did not win.

Now their new story and talking points is The Russians did it, Trump must have cheated, (does any of this sound like the childish prating of a bygone era)

Well, be sure that they do not want to cover this story and why is that?

Well because it shows just how dishonest a democrat can be…

(does this mean that all democrats are dishonest) No.

But it sure tends to show you that when there is actual evidence to convict someone that person goes to jail.

So, who is it…

Congresswoman Connie Brown.

Yes, Democrat, Connie Brown… source.

The Justice Department said Brown and two co-conspirators solicited more than $800,000 in donations for the One Door for Education — Amy Anderson Scholarship Fund between 2012 and 2016, frequently from individuals and companies Brown knew through her congressional position. One Door was not a registered nonprofit and most of the money went to their own pockets or was spent on lavish events in Brown’s honor, DOJ said.

So while you see this news story here and on

You may not ever see it covered on the Cable version of CNN or many of the broadcast media.

Why is that?

Simple they operate in a manner that suggests to the average and casual consumer that CNN and other democratically inclined media groups support democrat functions and campaign events over republican events.