Increase Debt?

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Should the Senate be allowed to Dictate to the House how the US spends its money?

That is not the way it works but why do so many democrats seem to just not get it…

What is right for this nation is something that democrats do not understand.

Why is it that the Senate thinks that it should be able to stall bills that the people favor in direct opposition to what the people want. 

 The constitution clearly states that spending bills

shall originate in the house. 


Think about that, so the media and Harry Reid would have you believe that they are blameless?

Why do you think that is?

Why are they trying to subvert the constitution all the while blaming someone else for problems that they created?

Vote in 2014 vote those people out of office that is the only thing they will understand. 

Vote because you may not get another chance to vote. 


Do you believe Harry Reid?

Do you think that only Harry Reid should run this nation?

That is why the Constitution was created to keep one man or one party from running the nation.

That is really what is really important  here, the People is America not just a few people voted into office.


What is wrong with the Senate?

Why is the Media playing God?

That is something that you need to understand. 

It is the Senate that is causing this problem and the democrats are the ones that are playing with the constitution.