Impeaching Rosenstien?

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Articles of Impeachment have been offered…

The truth is that this is long overdue but it is worth noting that this man was given every opportunity to do the right thing…

In the world of attorneys there is one thing that must always be protected and that is something that is difficult for many to deal with.

The problem is conflict of interest.

There could also be more serious issues considering that the Fisa Warrant may have been altered…

Allegedly…   The thing here is a question of who is in charge?  That is the one thing that no one seems to understand at all..  Where is Jeff Sessions…

Years ago, there was a case where a legal issue was brought to an attorney.

Even though the case was a good case the attorney had to decline to accept an offer of representing the client because he had a conflict.

The conflict was that his firm represented one of the parties to the lawsuit.

The attorney explained that because this relationship existed it would not be proper to pursue a case because his firm could not represent both the client and the complaint at the same time.

This is known and it is widely known to be a conflict of interest.

Another well known concept is recusal.

When a problem exists that is untenable, the involved attorney must recuse.

This is the mistake that Rod Rosenstien made with respect to pursuing a case where he had multiple conflicts of interest, (allegedly)

Democrats are screaming foul but do they have a case?

The answer is clear and it is No they do not have a case and the more they scream about this the worse the elections coming up will be for them.

The real problem is that they cannot help themselves.

They will continue to allegedly lie and deny until the American Voter has to tell them it is time to go home.

This is very damming…  source.

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating whether the government has used the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries. We learned yesterday that, in response to this very investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . . . threatened to use the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries.

To recap: In January 2018, Congress was investigating whether the Justice Department had abused the FISA process. The top Justice Department official for purposes of responding to this congressional investigation was resisting it; this included fighting the disclosure of the last warrant relevant to that investigation, which he had personally approved — a warrant that relied on the unverified Steele dossier (flouting FBI guidelines holding that unverified information is not to be presented to the FISA court), and that failed to disclose both that the dossier was a Clinton-campaign product and that Steele had been booted from the investigation for lying.

So when you hear everything and you see everything you have to understand that what has been going on here is a problem that everyone should understand.

The more we learn about what is going on in Washington the more we begin to fully understand just how dastardly and dire the situation is in our nations capitol.

What we know for sure is that IF republicans do not do something about this mess that they helped to create, it may well be the beginning of the end for the GOP.