If the Dollar is worthless?

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Gold can you eat it, or are they all just a bunch of Gold Liars?

Over the past two years, the price of Gold has gone up and up and up.

There have been many different commercials that talk about how the dollar is worthless and that you should buy gold.

Something about that statement makes no sense.

If the Dollar is worthless, as some of these commercials talk about and Gold is worth more than anything else.

Then why do they want your dollars to buy their gold?

I want you to think about that for a moment, If the dollar is of such little value and gold is of so great a value then why do they want you to pay for their gold with your dollars?

The entire argument makes so sense, however if you think about it long enough you can figure it all out.

The people selling gold right now bought it ten or more years ago when the price was lower, like around 430 or so per ounce, so they bought it low and they are selling it high.

Which sort of goes to show you that you cannot trust everything you see on TV in fact trust nothing you see on TV.


So what about this Video, is it real or are they not being honest or truthful, or are they liars?