If Republicans fail in this the party is finished.

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Big statement, but on thing you can depend on here is that Washington Politicians have no spine.

If they do not stop the far left from attempting to unbalance the supreme court and by proxy dismantle the constitution then the GOP is finished.

In essence it is time to stand up for become a liberal democrat. 


If republicans do not have the spine necessary or for that matter the intestinal fortitude to stand up against injustice, then they should just resign now and save the tax payers a great sum of money.

This is Amazing stuff here. 

You might be wondering what is happening in Washington, well its political politics and traditionally these late appointments are left to the next president, why is that you say?

Simple, its about consideration and respect, but you see they don’t really have any respect. 


Now, what is another word for “gridlock” here?  Another word for “gridlock” is “government shutdown.”  The magic words, are they not?  How many times have you heard a Republican elected official, or even a member of the Republican media commentariat, wring their hands and lament that we cannot have another government shutdown. We cannot be held responsible for it.  If there’s a government shutdown, we are going to get blamed for it, and we will lose elections, that people like their government, they want their government open and operating. They want their government cutting checks. They want their government providing benefits, unemployment, welfare, you name it.

And if I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a gazillion times, Republicans say, “We can’t do this. We cannot do anything that will shut down the government,” which has always meant we can’t oppose Obama. We can’t stop Obama on the budget or anything else because the Democrats then start wailing about a government shutdown, and the Republicans can’t deal with it.

So, anticipating — and believe me here, folks, when I tell you, there is no compromise candidate, there is no meeting halfway.  That’s not who Obama is.  It’s not who the Democrats are.  And a Supreme Court justice is the place, if there’s one place above all where there will be no compromise, it’s the Supreme Court and a seat thereupon.  There will be no compromise.  Obama is going to find he’s got a chance to replace a textualist originalist.