ICE allegedly will stop deporting

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Is it 1984?   No then why are we facing the most difficult border situation in the history of this nation.

Danger, Danger, Danger, we may be at risk because some people have decided to stop enforcing immigration law.

What is wrong with Washington?

If this is true we have people in Washington that are failing to uphold the Oath of office.

Do we now not protect the people of this nation as they swore to protect and uphold the Constitution?

In a Surprising news story which was alleged on fox news this evening, ICE, may stop deporting illegal aliens, in favor of releasing them, again allegedly.

Now, this is big big news, because just days away from a huge election we see what amounts to abdication of responsibility and abdication of Oath.

dereliction of duty and what could also be called treason…

What is going on, I mean We love this stuff, because this means that in a day or two when Rasmussen releases the new polls that going into the November election liberals and democrats will enjoy the lowest ratings ever.

What are they thinking, do they want to be kicked out of office?

Are they intentionally trying to be fired?

Because if that is what they want we will vote them out.

Vote them out

Vote them out

Vote them out.

They think you are stupid, they think you are dumb, they think your an idiot, and if you vote for a democrat they might be right.

It is time to send a message that it is of the people by the people for the people, you cannot ignore your oath.

Send a message, vote them out.