House passes Dream Act while talking out of the side of its mouth

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What A sad situation in life when we have a bunch of fools and jerks up on congress, well it wont last for long because they are on the way out, and those that are left will also be voted out, it is time for the old donkeys to be voted out of office, because they are no longer supporting the will of the people.

When they no longer will abide by the rule of law or the will of the people then it is time to go.

Get out.

We don’t need you.

Time to dream in some other place where you can pay for your own lunch.

Guess what, you may not know it, but you just lost the 2012 election, because liberals refuse to follow the rule of law, they think that the people of the united states are stupid.

They think that your a fool, but we know different.