House budget

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The Paul Ryan budget is being criticized and some say it will never work in fact there were talking heads saying that Ryan made a mistake by including the Affordable Care Act in the budget, these were talking heads, but they are purported to be smart talking heads, still it seems sort of funny when you think about it.

They claim to be so smart and they said that Ryan made a mistake but who are they kidding really.

The only way that this makes any sense at all is that the talking heads were wrong.

This brings up a second question why did they try to spin the news in this way?

When you consider the basic facts of this budget, there are only two considerations, if you leave out the ACA, (Affordable Care Act) then you are in a way endorsing it, there is no way to do that effectively if you ignore it as the so called smart talking heads said then what are you doing.

So in reality what you hear on the news often is someone making an opinion, that is free speech but its not really fair to attempt to say that the Ryan Budget is bad because it includes the ACA.

There may be some bumps in the Ryan Budget, however it is clear that something must be done to manage the debt and that means that somewhere someone has to step up to the plate or everyone will find that eating out may become a luxury only available to the very wealthy.