Horses and Bayonets

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If you were watching the exchange between the two presidential candidates, last night you have to see the larger picture.

President Obama did have a line about horses and bayonets, but the problem is that it was the wrong way to debate this issue.

  We know that when you cut troupes from the battle field, your going to end up being in a weak position.

When you have four American Citizens die because the decision that would have saved their lives and restored confidence in America.

     If you have any doubts, you know who to vote for.

Vote in this election.

Strength is what Americans have always been about.

Agenda for the future that is what this election is all about if you want to watch as the end of your child’s dreams come crashing down.

The truth is out there and if your unaware of what that truth is all about then your likely never going to figure it all out.