Holy Banshee Batman

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Can you believe what they are trying to do in Washington?

Why do you feel they want to do this…


On Wednesday, House and Senate Tea Party leaders came together with grassroots activists on Capitol Hill to denounce President Obama’s unilateral amnesty order that now frees an estimated 5-6 million illegal immigrants from the worry of being deported from the country in which they remain illegally.

It makes you wonder sometimes if some of those people in washington are really ok in the head.

TheTeaParty.net’s Executive Director Niger Innis spoke at the event and was joined by many top Tea Partiers in Congress including Senator Ted Cruz, and Reps. Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert , Tim Huelskamp, and Curt Clawson.  Want to know more?

but who can you believe, seriously how do you know who is telling the truth and who is telling the lie?

We know that hikers that “stray” into other nations get jail and sometimes death, yet here we feed them house them even put them in luxury hotels.

Yet when an American takes the wrong road and ends up in Mexico, what happens next?

Jail for 8 months or more…

Or it could be worse, you see how disrespectful the Mexican Government has become?

They beat our people and we give them free medical care and a way to stay and a job and free medical care, it does not seem right does it…

The truth is a difficult thing and it is becoming necessary to begin to boycott places that do not behave like a friend.

If Mexico does not want to be friends with America perhaps we should stop sending them money?

Makes you wonder time and again how weak is America?