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This just in from a trusted source online, The Beacon quotes SHP Lead Counsel Dan Backer, “Hillary Clinton violated rules that even disgraced, convicted former Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich followed – the sheer number of defective registrants is a typical bit of Clinton sloppiness and their usual lack of respect for the law.”


If this is true, it would be so perfect.

As most readers may know this website came about in some small measure by the “infamous”Rod BLAGOjevich”

So now lets hear the rest of the story.

It certainly is a dramatic headline, That Hillary might have possibly, been somewhat dishonest when obtaining the signatures needed to be included on the ballot.

But, what is the first thing that they will say?


Some Other Dude Did It.

Apologies where that particular instance might have another meaning.



Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is ineligible to appear on Illinois’s primary ballot, a petition filed with state officials on Wednesday claims.

The petition argues that thousands of signatures submitted to get Clinton’s name on the state’s primary ballot are invalid for a litany of reasons. As a result, it claims, Clinton’s signature total is under the 3,000 needed to qualify for a spot on the ballot.