High Prices?

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Used Stuff that may or may not be of a particular value.

Seems kind of hard to understand when you look at the situation with the media fanning the flames of inflation some Americans are believing the ignorance of the Media.

So, what is the deal anyway?

Are things really worth twice as much as they were only a few months ago just because the media say it is?

Take used Car and Truck prices!

What used to be worth 12,000 is now worth 25,000?


Used Vehicles with high mileage and potential mechanical issues…

Is it worth 500 times more than it was before the media started talking about how high the prices were?

Did used car dealers see this on some news station and run outside and start adding 10,000.00 to the price of every pile of junk on their lots?

Well, Yes, they did…

In fact if you visit a used car dealer you will hear about how high prices have gone.

They will tell you that your lucky to even get a car at all because no one has any cars to sell.


Oh, yes, your lucky you stopped in today because this is the last truck I have and today it’s only 89,0000.00 in fact were prepared to take the deed to your house and get you riding today!

Wow, sounds crazy and it is.

But here is the thing that all of these GREEDY dealerships are forgetting about.

The market is not actually full of people that are willing to pay 70 percent more for a marginal product…

The vast majority of buyers are not really as stupid as car dealers think that they are.

Most importantly.

We are not going to forget the dealerships that are now currently price gouging and pretending that a vehicle is worth more now than it would have been during the course of a normal marketplace.

Because that is what is happening and what you are seeing is greed.

Just remember these dealerships that are taking advantage and when things go back to more normal conditions choose not to do business with the greedy and two faced dealerships.