High Prices?

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Unless you are disconnected with both the Economy and the resulting inflation from the printing of money you know how high prices can be for items that you really need.

For example a quart of Oil, at some convenience stores the price for a quart of Oil can be as high as $6.99

In other stores even discount stores it runs around $4.00

Another “Serious” price issue can be in the prices of car parts.

For example we priced a car part for a Ford Ranger, (an older truck)

Locally the price was $70.00 to $129.00

But believe it or not but we found it online for only $40.00

 The problem is that these local retail locations could sell this product for $50.00 and still make a profit but they want to make a killing.

Why is that?

Why do they have to make so much money from just one part, Sam Walton was right make a little off of everything and everyone will shop at your store.