high fuel prices Again!

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Well tighten your lap strap folks here we go again.

In a quiet news story a big problem with the supply of Fuel in the USA!

One of the biggest problems America faces is the supply of Fuel not because we don’t have any but because Political forces have created the problem that caused prices to go up!

The Keystone Pipeline which could have been a real help for hard hit Americans after the Politically motivated shut down pandemic scare fest caused more problems than anyone could fix.

The pipeline was shut down and oil leases were shut down.

American energy was hurt and hurt badly.

In the last few months of the midterm election period a great deal of our oil reserves were released and or sold but it remains unclear where that oil went.

Now we have a much bigger problem.

An oil pipeline experienced a breach and there may be a lot more to that news story than meets the eye.

This is a big issue and it is something that could well cause Gas to go up to $5.50 a gallon just before Christmas!

Who knows for sure how greedy big Oil actually is and then you have to add in all the Greed that the middle men in the oil industry may pile onto this potential short fall in oil supply.

The leaking fuel line is located 20 miles south of Steele City, Neb It is unclear how much oil has leaked.

Of course there will be a lot of speculation from anti oil activists.

The real problem here is something that you might not at first think about but there have been a lot of “Pipeline” problems recently.

Too many and while this one may not be as suspect as the others with regard to the idea that some of the other issues were and appear to be intentional.

There is no indication that this issue is an intentional issue however it is unusual in that it happened in such a place to potentially affect the supply to much of the oil in the USA.

Then there is the timing of the issue.

Just after the last sell off of oil that is designed to supply the US in times of severe trouble.

There are reports that the US reserve of processed fuel is lower than it has been in many many years.

It is the duty of Washington to keep America Safe!

Many have recently become very concerned about how things are going and what is happening or more to the point NOT Happening.

There are a lot of things that could be done to change this situation but it appears that those things are not being done.

IS it Political?

If it is political at what point does it become irresponsible and is there a point where it might become criminal?

If this is all an accident and the high prices are completely politically motivated then we are in one of the biggest self inflicted injuries ever recorded.

What will it take to find men and women who will stand up and do the right thing when faced with the biggest inflation surge we have seen in many years.

Do we have any leaders in Washington that will do the right thing for the people of the United States?

We may be about to find out the answer to that question and unless something suddenly changes about the leadership issue in Washington we may be facing the highest prices in history for food, fuel, housing, everything that we have had in plenty for many years may be about to become difficult to find.