Here comes the Fed to wreck the day… 

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History it keeps repeating..

The old saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it…

Well it appears that even when you see the truth that history presents…

Some people still keep going down the same old worn trail even when there are better paths available.

The FED apparently still cannot see the forest.

Well here we are again and yet again the FED is still trying to figure out how they can try to push down against inflation. 

Sadly and very sadly for many is the fact that the FED is not equipped to control the economy through the manipulation of money. 

I guess that someone has to try at least but when you keep trying to put your finger in the holes in the dam and all that happens is that more holes start to leak then you have to eventually realise. That what your doing is not going to work. 

So, what now well the latest fear mongering media tampering finger bent quotes appears to be that the FED is saying that rates will have to continue to go up and go up so hight that even the FED never realised that the rates would have to go this high. 

Perhaps they can just go ahead and rise the interest rates four full percentage points. 

But wait that would cause the stock market to crash right?

The answer to that is a resounding yes… 

So they appear to not want to totally destroy the nation all at once and I guess that is a somewhat good thing but the worst thing still remains and that is the FED cannot stop or even reduce inflation. 

All they can do is cause the cost of everything to continue to go up and up and up. 

Food, Fuel, Housing, All continue to go up. 

What this is doing is increasing the cost of the basic things that everyone needs the most and that is not going to reduce inflation. 

No the FED can’t stop it, but perhaps they just want to reduce it or to somehow control it?

But can they?

Not really no they can’t and as long at they continue to do the same thing that we know does not work and all the while crossing their fingers behind their backs nothing is going to change. 

Eventually the stock market will crash and it will be a big one. .. 

The economy will follow and inflation will go up not go down… 

Because the FED does not understand what they are doing, (obvious to everyone but them) they will not have any tools left to try to boost all the damage they have done. 

Sure they will cut interest rates but by then it will be too late… 

IF the FED knew that what they are trying to do will fail they would reduce interest rates now when it would make a difference. 

Sadly the FED does not know what they are doing can’t be undone. 

Perhaps may never respond to a reduction or a pause… 

This is just another symptom of a larger problem. 

That problem is Micromanagement. 

There is a time to adjust and make changes and that time is now but when you feel helpless to change what your doing when it goes wrong and you still can’t see what is really happening because you are so fixated on stopping and manipulating the problems into what you hope is a solution but in fact is not then nothing good will happen. 

It can seem odd to most people when your trying to keep a heavy object on wheels from running over you and you keep slipping further down the hill of no return eventually you have to get out of the way but if you believe in what you are doing will eventually work then you end up at the bottom of the hill and then your trying to push the heavy tank up the mountain that you created…