Helping those in need..

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When looking for a company that helps people who are in need there are things you want to know about how your donation is spent.

There are many organisations that are advertising online for donations to help those in Israel. 

It is a sad fact that not all of these charities that advertise online are actually helping people that need help. 

Some are in fact doing the opposite. 

Some show emotional television footage that is compelling and it pulls on your heart strings but it is important to make sure that if you are inclined to help and can afford to do that be sure that the organisation that you choose can actually help and is not just collecting funds that. May not actually be going to anyone in Israel. 

Even worse there may be some that are actually supporting efforts to attack Israel. 

When looking at some of these companies that are asking for donations one of them stood out. 

With a report showing Financial Accountability that you can download and look at. 

This is so very important and when you see others that do not provide any information about how your donation is used but instead they just have a place for you to put your credit card number?

That is not a good sign. 

Some of these companies are actively accepting donations where only 40 percent of each dollar goes to help those in need!

That means that 60% of every dollar is being spent on things other than what you want your donation to go to. 

When I looked at Samaritans Purse I can easily see where the money goes and in fact you can choose where your donation goes to. 

Choices include specific areas around the world where help is needed along with a choice of locations or projects. 

You can make a difference.

This is so much better because it shows an honest organisation. 

You can actually see where the money goes and how it is used and that is something that you just hardly see these days. 

IF you are considering supporting efforts to help those in Israel who need help this is a far better choice but as with any effort to help I encourage anyone to look at any company to see where the money goes and if you do not see any information like the image above carefully consider if that company is the best choice.