Hedge UP!

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You could say Heads up because this could be the biggest development since BTC!

HDUP could well be the biggest crypto opportunity since the beginning of BTC?

What this might mean for the world of crypto and beyond.

Hedge… crypto with a big difference. 

For many years there has been a somewhat secret world of investments that only a small number of people have had access to.

This created a wall of sorts and there was really only one way to access that world of opportunity.

Barriers in the world of alternative investments?

Just what does that mean?

For many years there has been a secret world of investment that few people knew about and even fewer could actually take part in. 

For the most part this world of premium goods investments was limited to only wealthy people. 

The greatest reason why this is true and why only wealthy people could benefit or even purchase these big dollar investments was simply that the average person just cannot afford to invest in these goods because the price is just too high and only those people who were wealthy enough could actually easily invest in these premium goods. 

Take for example Gold Coins… 

You may have seen some of these late night shows selling gold coins while the pitch man extols the virtues of owning one once gold coins at a price that is usually several thousand dollars. 

Like many investments the average person is excluded both by price and by ability to invest. 

But that is about to change. . . 

Big deal in Crypto… 

Imagine what it would be like to buy something at a super cheap price and then a few years later that purchase is now worth a lot more than what you paid for it. 

It can happen and it has happened often with items that are considered either rare or collectable. 

Sometimes these items are seen as an investment and people often buy things just to store away in an unopened box in the hopes that in the future the item might be worth more money. 

For many people investing is something that is basically out of reach and in fact the traditional investment firms have been only for the wealthy. 

  In fact right now if you wanted to open an account with many of the bigger investment firms you would need to provide a credit report, bank account statements, even tax records. 

You would need to have a certain amount of money and you might even have to prove how much money you make at your job and all of this is designed to exclude the average person from being able to invest in the stock market. 

It has been said that the wealthy want to stay wealthy and they do not want the average person to be able to become wealthy…

While it might be true that many wealthy people do feel this way all of them do not want to prevent others from becoming wealthy.

Just recently there was a company that was advertising for investors and printed out in the advertisement was three terms that excluded 98 percent of Facebook users. 

This kind of presents the advertiser as someone who might not be all that smart

They are after all attempting to find someone that makes over $250,000 a year and has a minimum of $25,000.00 to invest plus they were also asking for proof that their investor could access hundreds of thousands of dollars before that potential investor could even think about investing they would have to literally prove they were wealthy. 

That is not a smart advertiser. . . 

They are looking for a millionaire on Facebook sure there are probably a few people on Facebook that are millionaires but there are far more people that are Not Millionaires. 

In fact it is more likely that 98 percent of people viewing that investment advertisement would not qualify to participate in that companies “investment” platform, including me and probably you as well. 

Crypto has a problem and that problem is that most crypto opportunities are not really a good low risk investment in fact most of them are not good investment opportunities at all. 


This would be a good time to discuss that this is not financial advice and this is also not investment advice this is really more of just a discussion about the crypto market and having said that always remember that when thinking about buying crypto always look hard at the product, what is it, what does it do, how does it work, do your own research and also get professional advice. 

End disclaimer, you are now on your own… 

But seriously for a moment most crypto has no functionality, it serves no purpose, a great example of this is the most recent meme coin Pepe, which is really cheap and it is also equally worthless but who knows what might happen in the future, if you want to own large sums of tokens it can be fun as long as you do not begin to think that you could get rich… 

Crypto like Pepe, has no real function and it is increasing in value because people are interested in it, but in the end what usually happens is that the coin goes up in value but only for a short time and then it goes back down in value and usually stays there. 

When looking for valid opportunities, there are some things to look for. 

(Again this is not financial advice and not crypto advice, LOL) 

But you can look at different things that might tend to reveal a better chance of success over time. 

Of course that does not mean that you might lose your money, out of the hundreds of crypto projects out there many more fail than are successful this happens for many different reasons, greed, developers that rip off the project and then leave the country or any number of other things that could result in a project that fails instead of succeeding. 

So, you’re taking a chance and that is what you really need to understand, when it comes to buying into a crypto project a good rule is that you should never spend more than what you are willing to lose. 

A good example for this would be a little over a year ago there was a little known coin out there and it was only selling at a few different places, at the time it was selling for something like 0.0003 cents I purchased 5000 of these coins. 

I let it sit there for about two weeks then a big flash crash happened and people got scared including me. 

That little bit of money I had paid for those coins and it was really less than 30 bucks, did not really matter, I could have just left them there and as it turned out I sure wish I had done that. 

As it turned out those 5000 coins went from 0.0003 cents to $3.45 cents in like six months after I sold them for almost nothing because I got scared not of loosing 30 bucks but that this whole crypto thing was coming undone. 

Those coins would have been worth $17,250.00

You read that right $30.00 in crypto coins had I just let it sit there would have been worth a lot of money. 

The thing is that it can be hard to know which coins are good to hold onto and which ones you are better off just letting go and even which ones are worth taking a loss to sell before they become worthless. 

Now that is just one example out of hundreds of examples where holding the coins would have resulted in a loss and not a big increase. 

The fact though remains that it is possible to see huge increases and big returns if you are lucky enough to “stumble” into an opportunity and even luckier enough to participate in the opportunity. 

Sometimes it can be just being at the right place at the right time and that is also a good way to describe luck. 

Indeed most of the time pre-sales which is one of the big opportunities can be very lucrative and other times it can just be something that you tried you luck with and lost.  

Kind of like going to Vegas and gambling on a machine most of the time you will probably not be successful and you will end up loosing your money other times and less likely is that every once I a while you can end up getting in on a crypto sale at just the right time. 

This Might be like that but you have to really think about it like hey here is a few bucks and if it pays off great and if it is never worth anything then I have not lost a lot. 

That is the big thing and it is also what you have to be concerned with because there is a word for problems with crypto and its called greed. 

People go around all day long looking for an example like the one I told you about. 

Believe me I really wish I would have just forgot about those 5000 coins and then when I saw it on the news I would remember and run back to make some money. 

But sadly that just hardly ever happens and this HDUP crypto may be just like thousands of others that have tried to do something cool but in the end just failed for one reason or another. 

This may be a little different and I hope it is, not just because I want to get in on a pre-sale for pennies on the dollar and buy thousands of coins for just a few hundred bucks and later sell when it goes up to $3.00 or $5.00. That would be a huge payoff but this may be even more interesting because this coin is trying to do something that has not been done as yet. 

They want to offer, the average Joe or Jane the possibility of investing in premium goods or alternative investment which used to be only for those that had the big money, (AKA wealthy and rich people) 

This company wants to create fractional NFT ownership in things like a $25,000.00 Rolex or an ounce of gold, this is something that is kind of exciting because it is also something that has not been done it could become a great success. 

Will it?

We don’t know and most other people do not know if they will be successful and that is what this article is all about the idea that I might find that I am in the right place at the right time… 

I hope so, but since I know that most of the time these crypto things do not succeed I am just going to put in what I can afford to lose, which means that once I get some coin I will probably just forget about it for a while. 

Will this pay off?  Again I would like to think it could mostly because the coin will be used to invest in fractional NFT investments backed by real world premium goods, from realestate to sports cars and this is where it could get interesting. 

Since this has not been done before and since most of these coins which also cost about the same money, (usually a few cents at first) then later those few cents could turn into 20 or even 50 cents each which would be fantastic but think about this If this coin will be used to invest in high dollar premium goods, the value of those coins would likely go up and perhaps even $20 or $30 per coin… 

It is unlikely to go up that much but when you are trying to do something that has never been done before there is a possibility that it might just happen and if you are in the right place at the right time well you know the rest of the story… 

When you are looking for that elusive opportunity you know the one that would be like stumbling across bitcoin when it was like $1.00 a coin… 

Treat it like what you would spend on a pizza or an average meal at a restaurant. 

That way you don’t end up missing out on an opportunity or worse spending too much and getting evicted. 

Just kidding, but seriously don’t be that person that goes to Vegas and then has to call mom for a loan so they can get back home… 

P.S.   You odds are better than getting out of Vegas with any money in your pocket, but you are still taking a chance and that is why you need to be careful when dealing with anything online …