health care nightmare

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Today, I received a letter stating that my insurance would no longer cover the cost of my most expensive medications. 

 The truth about health care is that insurance companies are getting rich while poor people suffer and in many cases die.


 With millions of American facing the loss of health insurance and millions more facing extreme financial hardship due to the high cost of medications and medical services the truth is that many of those people will likely die. 


If the intent of the health care bill and health care reform is to bankrupt the US and facilitate population control then this congress and the white house is doing a great job. 

Vote this year because the final truth is that if people do not get off the couch and make an effort to vote then those that care nothing for this nation or the hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans will loose their lives because this law never was developed to deal with the problems in the system. 


The simple facts are obvious and common sense tells us that doing the same thing over and over again is insanity.


Insurance reform and common sense health care reform must be taken up by parties that have no interest in the outcome other wise we face a disaster of epic proportions.

 Congress must act to stop the Supreme court from abusing the authority they have been granted by the constitution.

 The Supreme court must stop activist bench warming.

We the people are the deciding factor and it is it time that congress and the judicial branch wake up.