Health care insanity

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We all know that health care costs are out of control now we have health care insurance costs that are getting way out of hand. 

Why is that?

When you consider the issues that people are seeing all over the US you have to wonder what is congress going to do about this mess?


So far they are doing nothing, Harry Reid is the main problem in the Senate, why is this man even still in office, Harry Reid is the greatest case for term limits in the Senate in the History of this nation. 

 The thing here is that when congress voted to pass this monstrosity, they never did read it, most of them still do not know what is in it. 


So now that we know half of what is in this thing and we can see all the problems, when are they going to fix the problem?

You see they never did address the issues of tort reform and insurance reform which are huge issues that must be dealt with. 

Insurance reform must happen because that is what we see now as the biggest problem, insurance companies are booting people off their health care insurance and those people that paid for years for that insurance and did not really use it, guess where all that money went?

Into the pockets of fat cat insurance companies. 

Now we have insurance companies that are going to collect insurance premiums for people who do not have children millions of subscribers will pay fees that will never go to anyone or for any health care service. 

What that means is that you will be paying for the cost of braces, that never get installed. 

Now that is wrong and must be stopped, but if congress will not do anything lets get them out of there and elect people who will do the peoples business. 

Vote in 2014 send a message that will be heard, Fire those people up there that have become rich off the backs of Americans.