Health Care Crisis the end of America

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Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it was written by congress because it has been modified by the executive branch. 

Is it legal?

No it is not because STOTUS, pass on the affordable care act, yet it has not been implemented as it was written meaning that the very wealthy have been given a pass, a waiver or some other method of not having to deal with this law. 

Even Congress does not have to deal with this law. 

Amazing but true, the rich and the wealthy are exempted from this but the poor have to get obama care?

That does not make sense.   The truth is that Obama Care is not the same as the Affordable Care Act…