Health Care?

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The hottest subject in discussion just about everywhere online and off line is health care.

Can you get it and if you do get it does it do what you need it to do for you?

The problem with health care is that so many people believe that the Affordable Care Act will somehow fix the problem that are at the root of all of the Health Care problems.


These problems have not been addressed by the Affordable Care Act, that is what is wrong with everything.

Too many people who are rich have been exempted from having to participate in the Health Care Plan, that creates real problems.


Too many large companies have been given a pass on participating.

This creates huge issues, simply because the plan was designed to work in large numbers, but the numbers are just not there.

Now we have an opportunity to change the way this law is designed so that it works in the real world.

The single largest problem is Insurance companies.

They have developed a plan to disengage themselves from providing the coverage that the law should exact from these insurance companies.

The simple truth is that because the law does not deal in a real world manner with insurance companies and Hospitals and large wealthy companies.

That is why the law as it has been tampered with after congress approved it.


The Supreme Court ruled on this and made it clear that Congress made the law and only Congress can fix it.

Which begs the question, was it legal to tamper with the Affordable Care Act while still making it mandatory for individuals to buy insurance or else?

That is something that needs to be ruled on by SCOTUS.


It is time to make the changes we all know that need to be changed because now that we passed it and we know whats in it, we can now fix it.