Harry Reid and the Bundy Ranch issue

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The situation in Nevada is getting heated and it could turn into another situation where women and children are at risk because of the troubled management of the State of Nevada.

It should come as no surprise considering that Harry Reid, appears to do things and say things in congress that seem to suggest that he is not providing to the people of his state support and leadership as you would expect any Senator to do.

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Is Harry Reid involved in the Bundy Ranch.

Were not sure that Harry Reid, is involved, but his lack of leadership?

That could be attributed to incompetence.

Some suggest that you should just pay the fees and be done with it, but is that really a solution?

Where does it stop?

What happens when they start to say that you can only have so many acres of land and the state owns the rest of the land.

What happens when the state does the wrong thing. 

Thugs in Nevada equals oppression, the real question is why the BLM did not just collect in court and not spend millions of dollars in a show of force.

That may be the real question here that deserves an answer.