Gun rights second Amendment under attack

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From the beginning of time, there have been terrible tragedies in both World Wars, Millions lost their lives.

Before that and even in this time the number of horrible murders increase but Guns are not the number one cause of death.

Seeking to “cash in” on the tragedy in California, gun-grabbers in Washington, DC launched their first ambush under the cover of darkness last night.

Anti-gun Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) filed an amendment to H.R. 4660 that increases funding by $19.5 million for Eric Holder’s NICS background check and gun registration system!

Why worry about these pesky laws…

What’s worse, it could be voted on in the House as early as today! 

After all they have to stop all these murders right?

By dangling millions of dollars in front of state governments, the feds seek to collect data on as many gun owners as possible — placing them in the NICS database for permanent disarmament.

The truth is the very people who seek to take away your second amendment rights have guns and men with guns to protect them.

Once in this database, it’s virtually impossible for a name to be removed.

They seek to deprive you of your right to protect your family from criminals who have guns. 

Make no mistake about it, the gun-grabbers are testing the waters in an attempt to open the door for more Barack Obama gun control in 2014.

That’s why it’s vital you call your Congressman RIGHT NOW!

INSIST your Congressman OPPOSE Democrat Congressman Mike Thompson’s anti-gun amendment to H.B. 4660.