Gun Control ?

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We know for sure one thing about this tragic situation in Florida.

Gun Control has Failed to work.

WE know this is the truth but the media will continue to say that hey we need to ban all guns.

They continue to say this knowing that the truth is far different.

If we want to stop school shooting violence.

There is only one thing that will work…

We simply must protect our children at schools in the very same way that we protect our courthouses.


No way !  You mean that we protect our judges and Prosecuting attorneys better than we do our children at schools?

Oh, Yes we do.

What makes more sense?

That schools are targets because it is easy to get into them and hard for people to defend because the only people with guns are the bad guys?

When you begin to consider that far fewer people are killed every year by guns then you have to wonder just what is happening when you see all of these people yelling about gun control…

What do they really want?

The only truth that matters here is that these horrible senseless murders will continue until we provide security to protect our children.

The day that we start protecting our kids in the same rigorous manner that is used in court houses all over the united states is the day that these situations will stop happening.