Google Censorship

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Perhaps you may have heard about how much of the Media are ignoring the most important news stories to the American People!

You can see it everywhere or more correctly you Cannot See it anywhere!

Facebook is allegedly blacking out so many news stories that you cannot find anything about what is really going on in the US or anywhere else.

Google is featuring (allegedly) only one side of the story and as we all know there are always two sides of a story!

Google though is allegedly only showing partisan search results.

If you search for Election Fraud all you see are detractors.

All you see is what Google wants you to see.

This is insanity more so when you begin to wonder why all these people are advertising on Google when what you get with Google is nothing more than propaganda!

Google Propaganda?

Really? Well, see for yourself!

You can see how the Media are attempting to deceptively use Yellow Journalism to color the truth up with ignorance and lies!

The truth here is that we have seen what the media and now social media along with search engines are doing when it comes to using propaganda as a tool to destroy the truth!

Even more concerning is that you cannot see the other side of the story!

You can only see what they want you to see!

This is wrong and must be adjudicated!

Even with all of the evidence including video evidence, (now five videos) Photographic evidence, Audio Evidence, Sworn Testimony and hundreds of Eye Witness (also sworn testimony) of serious fraudulent activity on Election night as well as recounts, allegedly corrupt state officials still refuse to audit the ballots for validity and fraud!

What will it take to get the truth out of states like Georgia!

Where the Sec of State of Georgia continues to appear on propaganda laden CNN to defend and to obfuscate his refusal to look at the ballots!

Could it be that the Sec of State of Georgia does not want the truth to come out?

His most recent statement seemed to attempt to pervert the truth with yet another alleged lie by omission.

Omission of the truth is really the same thing as a lie.

So we know that suspect ballots to the tune of around 18,900 or more ballots were injected into the election count because of the video that came out of the State Farm Arena Scandal.

It just seems like public officials are so committed to the propaganda that they hear on CNN that they are refusing the truth and attempting to turn it into opinion by omission which is a lie!

History is not likely to be kind to these individuals and it just seems to defy the imagination in how deep these suspect people are willing to dig the hole that they find themselves mired in.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans see the truth!

It is time that the truth is allowed to be determined and that determination must be done without the internal influences that have failed the people of America.

Basically we have corrupt public officials that are investigating themselves and finding nothing wrong!

This is not acceptable and this is why the Supreme Court must become the arbiter of this evil perpetrated by public officials which has likely affected more than 90 Million Americans!

The Truth Must come out and we must look at those ballots!

We must see the ballots even if the Supreme Court rules that those states did what they are accused of doing.

WE must see those ballots no matter what happens in the Supreme Court.