GM Onstar spying?

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In a news report it is becoming clear that internet data can be used in a bad way.

Insurance companies have been purchasing data from drivers who also subscribe to On Star services for GM products.

That data comes from a third party and is then sold to insurance companies who then use that data to increase the rates of insurance for some drivers.

(You might think that this could be a good thing but is it really?)

This driver saw her insurance rates increase by 80 percent after her onstar data was sold to an insurance company…

This is a big problem because the insurance company is rating her as a high risk based on data obtained from her Car…

They look at data like a hard break event or speeding..

In some ways she might be a risk but is that enough to say that because she might be at a higher risk of an accident that the insurance company is justified to increase her rates?

But what if the insurance company says that she can not obtain insurance now is that normal or fair?

The idea that a person has to pay for a service like onStar then have that data used in a bad way that costs the consumer more money by increased insurance rates now that is really something that might be at the heart of a big lawsuit.