Georgia lies?

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Is the State of Georgia officially certifying the election night results when the recount revealed exponential and troubling details that could have changed the election result.

Additionally the absentee ballots were not treated in a manner as prescribed by State Law in the State of Georgia.

But the Sec of State certifies the original election night count after recounting 5 million ballots allegedly by hand? But not looking at absentee ballots for matching signatures and defective ballots.

This is very disturbing as we begin to see a pattern of what could only be termed malfeasance or at the very least incompetence on a scale that defies as well as boggles the imagination.

Reports that a water main had broken surfaced on election evening and people were told to stay away.

(No poll workers were allowed into the area where the water main was said to have broken)

This turned out to be a false story and it prevented oversight in an election that is now less than one half of one percent. .05

Also consider that the absentee ballots were not handled in the same way as they were in 2018 or 2016…

But the Sec of State comes out and says that numbers dont lie?

Well People do lie and that is a serious problem for everyone in this nation not just citizens of Georgia who have been defamed and disenfranchised by what truly appears to be behavior that could be criminal in nature.

We must know the truth!

We cannot say well we will do a better job next time…

Really that is crazy!

Yet that is what the Governor of the State of Georgia said!

He said he expects a better job on the run off election?

But who cares about the President of the United States and the people of Georgia!

Are these people living in some kind of fairy tale?

You know the kind of place where they ignore the laws of the state and then tell the people nothing to see here!

That is simply not good enough!

Something Stinks in Georgia and it starts in the Governors office and the Sec of States offices.

WE Demand Answers and not a we will do better next year, This is not college football we are not going to be satisfied with the old we do better next year!

IF there is not something done to rectify this abysmal and deceitful result that is most certainty tainted and unjust then the people of the state of Georgia need to recall the Governor and remove the Sec of State from office.

Without Justice in this election there is no need to hold elections any longer because the people in charge will do what ever they want to do and nothing will stop them from depriving citizens of their rights to anything.

Sign the Petition.

It is time that we have some real answers about the alleged corruption in Georgia Elections and the reasons why votes are still being discovered that were not counted and not turned in…

We must have integrity.

We cannot be concerned with political parties.

This effects everyone because do you suppose that democrats are the only ones that can manipulate computers?

Who knows but what next time it will be a democrat that gets the shaft and does not have their votes counted…

When we have state officials that are saying dont worry about it…

Nothing to see…

We know that there is something to see and that something is all about thousands of uncounted ballots and thousands more mail in ballots that could be defective and even illegal!

If the Gov of the State of Georgia believes that the people of Georgia will just forget about this betrayal he should seriously examine his oath of office or resign!