fox news unfair?

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Has fox news lost its way?

It would seem so because in 2000 Fox news became more popular because they were covering the news, that sadly has changed, over time it appears that Fox news may have actually shifted to the left.

Which could be one reason why Glen Beck felt that he needed to leave the network which likely hurt them a great deal, (say what you want but the truth is often hard to deal with)

Is fox news biased and unfair in some of the coverage that they present?

Are they biased in a lot of the coverage because you can be biased because of a lack of coverage just as you can be biased in excessive coverage.

One good example was where two bobble heads, came on and started talking about vacations, taken by two different presidents.

They improperly claimed that one president had taken less vacations, than the other president.

This is an outright lie, that was allegedly put on the air by Fox news, and they never even attempted to point out the obvious flaw in this fairy tale.

Now how is that fair and balanced?

So since Fox news refused allegedly to present a fair story, lets do it here, the bobble heads, said that one president had taken less vacations, however that president has only been in office three years, as compared to eight years and two terms, that just seems like a really horrible way to compare apples with oranges, it was allegedly unfair and not balanced at all.

Yet, allegedly fox news did nothing to dispel that lie that was told allegedly on the air.